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RLC Engineering, LLC.

About Us

RLC Engineering, LLC. is dedicated to improving the performance of residential and light commercial buildings. We specialize in moisture & energy issues, training, troubleshooting, decreasing callbacks, and improving costs and comfort.

Our Motto is:  "Build Castles, not Trojan Horses™"



Craig A. DeWitt, Ph. D., P.E.                     

Dr. DeWitt has been involved with the construction industry for over 25 years, performing research, development, demonstration and deployment activities on building materials, technology and energy use. Following a career at Clemson University and the SC Institute for Energy Studies, his current focus is on building systems in warm, humid climates. Dr. DeWitt is involved with research and information dissemination programs related to indoor environments, building envelopes, and moisture control techniques using building science and physics.  

Residential Builder - SC License # 014396
Professional Engineer - SC License # 15238
Professional Engineer - NC License # 028077

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RLC Engineering, LLC.
PO Box 1026
Clemson, SC 29633-1026
Phone: 864.506.4701


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RLC Engineering, LLC
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