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Mold & Rot Locator

Condensation occurs when a surface is cooler than the dew point temperature of the air next to the surface. At this temperature, the air becomes saturated with water. This is equivalent to 100% relative humidity. When condensation occurs, mold and decay are very likely. Mold can grow when the air is damper than about 80% relative humidity. To help locate potential problem spots , use the following calculator to determine temperatures where condensation, decay and mold may occur on surfaces exposed to outside summer air. Then look for locations in and around the house that are cooled below these temperatures. A critical situation seems to occur quite often when the summer thermostat setting is set below the condensation temperature of the outside air.

To prevent condensation and/or mold, either warm the surface or lower the relative humidity.

Select a City: to use ASHRAE design criteria for that city,

or          Enter a temperature: degrees (F)

               Enter a Relative Humidity: (%)

Condensation and Decay may occur on surfaces below degrees (F)

Mold and mildew may grow on any surface below about degrees (F)



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